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Answers to questions about The
New Science of Job Hunting Course.

Who created the course?

The author of the course is Bob Gerberg, and Career pace is the publisher. Bob has been a leader in this field for decades. His biography is on our website. His partners also played a major role. Independently, they’ve had experience in outplacement, career consulting, personal marketing, resume writing and recruiting.

What is special about it?

The New Science of Job Hunting Course is the only course addressing 100 subjects
that can impact success. It also introduces dozens of new concepts. Here are a few.

  • New style resumes that impress people.
  • Power letters for getting calls.
  • New ways to find private jobs.
  • Game plans for getting interviews.
  • A complete interviewing system.
  • The best executive creative package.
  • Scripts for getting initial offers raised.
  • New rules for using direct mail.
  • New ways for handling age concerns.
  • How to build maximum chemistry.
  • The 25 best ways to get interviews.
  • Avoiding the 10 mistakes millions make.
  • How to create your own job... and more.

Is it for people in all fields?

Yes. People with thousands of different job titles have gone through our course.

How many used it?

Our partners put 200,000 people through the course at various stages of development, which were sponsored by such firms as Kellogg’s, Warner Lambert, CitiGroup, Novartis, major steel companies and others.

Can I personalize the course?

100 subjects are available. No one uses all of them. Each person uses different subjects, according to their needs.

How long does it take?

In a few hours, people move their job hunting knowledge far ahead. Many cover all material that fits them in over 2 or 3 days, while others, depending on their schedule will take longer.

How do I activate the course?

Access is automatically created and you will receive an invitation via e-mail. Just create a user name and password, and you can login, instantly get access and get started.

Is there an orientation to the course?

Yes. Our orientation is critical as we explain all of our major concepts. It will familiarize you with our course, and make it easier to select subjects that will meet your needs.

How is the course organized?

It is organized into 10 sections.

Section 1 through section 6 are mainstream subjects of value to most people.

1—Raising marketability and income potential.

2—Getting maximum interviews—in less time.

3—Outstanding new style resumes to copy.

4—Power letter samples you can copy.

5—Interviewing & negotiating—being in the top 5%.

6—Personal dynamics that accelerate success.

In section 7 through section 10, we focus on special interests and challenges.

7—Knowing your career & industry options.

8—Handling liabilities you may have.

9—Solving unique problems.

10—Special situations—that can be challenging.

Do I have to use all 100 subjects?

No. You select the ones you think can help the most.

Do you have to be technical to use the course?

No. There is nothing technical, and everything is easy to understand.

Does it cover all I need?

People have said that our 100 subjects covered far more than they needed.

What is the cost?

We do not list prices for competitive reasons. It is highly affordable for anyone. Quantity savings are available to the government, organizations who are downsizing, the military and colleges assisting students.

Is the cost tax deductible?

Yes, to our knowledge it is, but we suggest you check with an accountant.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes. If you go through our orientation, and don’t feel our ideas will greatly benefit you, notify us within 10 days and we’ll cancel your subscription and refund any charges. The BBB of Greater Denver has been reporting on us for 23 years and given us an A+ rating.

Are your customers kept private?

Yes. The name of anyone participating in our course is not released to any party.

Can I speak to other users?

We don’t release our clients’ names. But, we do make available: (1) A full disclosure website. (2) Full color literature on our website, (3) This list of answers to questions, and (4) We provide a guarantee as just described..

What do people say about your course?

Most say they gained more insights than they had learned in their lifetime, and that it gave them far more confidence... and they uncovered far more opportunities. Over 98% are happy they used it.

Can you guarantee results.

No. No one offering job hunting assistance could ethically do that.

How does your course compare to career counselors?

It would be unfair to expect a counselor to provide the depth of knowledge available in our 100 subjects. We suggest you review the summary for any subject that interests you. These subject and all summaries are on the main scroll down page on this website.

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