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Some years ago, we started creating new concepts for making it easier for people to find new jobs. Those have now been expanded into other new ideas that are highly affordable and easy to use.

It took our partners years of work to reach this point, but our latest ideas can have a major impact on anyone’s efforts from $60,000 to $50,000+ Why? Having managed thousands of job campaigns, we have been able to use analytics to pinpoint new and more successful actions for people looking for jobs. But, there are some requirements. First, you have to follow our system and keep an open mind.

However, do this and whatever your goals... greater income, or a new career, your odds for success will be accelerated. Instead of traditional job hunting, you will be able to search with new ideas, new ways to get interviews, new style resumes, new power letters, new concepts for interviewing and more.

This system can give any college graduate, or any
professional or executive a major competitive advantage.

Being able to use new ways to get more quality interviews works. Yet, millions still use outdated methods that restrict their potential, have them spend months answering ads, or hours filling in tracking forms that rarely produce. Our system can eliminate much of this wasted time... while making job hunting easier, and reducing the strain and worry that old job hunting methods bring.

Our 20 ways to make job hunting easier.


First, know your market.

You must (1) find enough jobs—to select from (2) have excellent written presentations, and (3) be skilled at interviewing, all of which we will help with.

2 Follow a game plan for searching.

From 25 ways to get interviews, select what you prefer to use, and you will gain immediate confidence.

3 Copy from our new style resumes.

We have a remarkable collection of world class samples. Most have never seen anything like them.

4 Use multiple resumes.

Using several different resumes, usually brings more interviews.

5 Adapt one of our biographies.

They create the greatest value for executives— and work worldwide.

6 Copy or adapt our letters.

We give you excellent letter samples to use in 10 common situations.

7 Overcome your liabilities.

We give you solutions for handling many of them.

8 Handle unemployment right.

Losing a job can bring feelings of shock, anxiety and fear.

9 Solve age concerns.

If you are 40+ or older, age can be a problem.

10 Can you change industries?

Selling the right skills is the key.


Using direct mail.

  • Get past gatekeepers
  • Follow up, and get to the right people

12 Be sharp with recruiters.

Use power phone skills in contacts with recruiters.

13 Turn around poor references.

This is relatively easy to do.

14 Use 10 new ways to answer ads.

We give you 10 alternatives for better results.

15 Do faster networking.

New networking can be fast, even when you have few connections.

16 Getting leads to private jobs.

Our approach makes this much easier.

17 Be great on the phone.

Many started with cell phones and are now great on the phone.

18 Work your references.

When others speak well about you, it really counts!

19 Read personalities.

Quickly separate those likely to make offers and save time.


Lift your skill at interviewing.

How to be top 5% at your level.
Build chemistry, charisma and likability.
Master how to do video interviews.
When you lack experience— sell skills.
Soft selling is key to negotiating a higher offer—learn our rules and it will be easy.

Do you know what great body language really is... and isn’t?
Know how to use your personality to close offers.
Learn how to sell leadership abilities.

Key rules for closing offers & signing bonuses. Use approaches that are right for you. This system can give you a chance to free yourself from positions where you may be a victim of inflation, boredom, depression or lack of challenge.

Review our website. The new science of job hunting course is $295.

Read about our author and our special FREE offers on our website.

Here are major things you’ll receive.

Our 60 fast audios at 4 minutes each will give you amazing insights in less than a single day. You get our extraordinary new style resumes to copy.
You get our superior letter samples for sending employers, to openings, for networking friends, associates and alumni, for setting up references, sending sponsored letters, and follow up.
You get our latest ideas for competing in interviews

You get our fast moving and easy to read books...averaging 128 pages.

How To Get The Right Interviews
Oustanding New Styles Resumes
Great Letters Win Excellent Jobs
Interviewing: Competing at your Best
Solutions for Comment Issues—1
Solutions for Comment Issues—II

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